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Story time Monday 13 July

These are the leaves in Isabella’s Garden

The leaf is one of the most important parts of a plant. Leaves produce food for the plant through a process called photosynthesis. The leaves of different plants vary widely in size, shape, and colour. Leaves come in many different shapes and shades.  How many different leaves can you see in your garden or at your local park?

This week our story is called ‘The Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert. Click on the picture below to hear Kate and Isabella read it to you

Credit Markus Spiske

We are going to make a leaf man in this weeks’ activity. Click here Leaves activity_Storytime_13 July to find out what you will need to have ready and how to make your very own leaf man.  Can you give him a name?

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Story time Monday 6th July

This is the Tree in Isabella’s Garden

I planted, planted, planted. And at first nothing changed … but slowly, slowly shoots of green began to show – trees!  Here. There. Everywhere.  People came onto the streets to see. They touched the leaves in wonder. They talked and they laughed.

Click on the photo to hear Kate reading The Promise by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Laura Davies

This is the Tree

This week we are making own tree with Isabella and Kate.  Do you want to join in with us and make your own tree.  Click on the photo above to listen along with Kate as she tells you how to grow your tree in a picture.  Click here to find out what you will need before you start.

Look at the photos below – can you tell which one is Isabella’s tree?

You are the most enormous tree!

You take up far more space than me.

Your trunk is tall and thick and round,

Your roots spread wide beneath the ground. See the tree and all who live in it

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Story Time Monday 29 June

This is the Chick in Isabella’s Garden

Hurray, Hurray. Rosie the hen has laid as egg and at last her egg is hatching.

But no, oh no! Where is little baby chick … find out more by listening to Kates Story Tree and Isabella by clicking on the image below

Where oh where is Rosie’s Chick?

This week we are making a chick and her mummy and you can find how to make it here

Every week we are so lucky to have the wonderful Jenny Dodge write a poem for us.  Thank you Jenny – you can find her Chick poem here

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Monday 22 June – These are the Flowers

In Isabella’s Garden this week we are looking at flowers.

Click on the image below to hear Kate’s StoryTree tell  you about our latest adventure from Isabella


In the garden grows a plant.  Its leaves and buds are green as green, no other colour to be seen.

But look! A bud has opened wide, a flower is folded up inside.


A sunflower gold against the sky? A purple violet, small and shy?

A red geranium in a pot?  A blue-as-blue forget-me-not?

A daisy with a clean white frill? A trumpet yellow daffodil?

An orange-brown chrysanthamum? A rose as pink as chewing gum?


We are making flowers for our garden this week and to get a copy of your activity sheet click here

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Isabella’s Garden – activities and videos to download from first 3 weeks

Monday 11th May – This is the Soil

This week we explored the soil and how to plant our seeds.  Isabella is helping us to make our own plant pots from cardboard rolls. Download Isabella’s activity sheet here

Our song this week ‘Wriggle, wriggle little Worm’ can be sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – here are the words

Click on the photo below to see Kate telling Isabella’s story discovering the magic of soil.


Monday 18th May – These are the Seeds

This week we have found some seeds to plant in the plant pots we made last week and our story is the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

Here is a link to this weeks poem by Jenny Dodge and to our Activity sheet here

You can watch Part 1 of These are the Seeds here:

Monday 25th May – This is the Rain

This week we are talking about the rain and our featured book is The First Book of Nature by Nicola Davis.

Incy Wincy Spider has been climbing up the spout and we have added a colouring sheet here

And we will hear all about the Rain in Jenny’s Poem that you can read too


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Story Time – now live every Monday from Hill Close Gardens

Follow Isabella’s garden journey every Monday at 2pm bringing the world of planting, growing and nurturing through the magic of stories.

Bringing the gardens to life each week for our youngest children when they can join Kate’s StoryTree on Facebook Live to listen to stories and poems and join in with arts and craft activities

Monday 1st June – These are the Clouds

Listen to our story from today with Kate by clicking on the photo below

Cloudette and Isabella’s Garden

Did you know … Clouds are white because they reflect light from the sun. Grey clouds become so filled with water that they don’t reflect light. Masses of clouds form shadows, which can also cause the clouds to look grey.

Our story this week is about a little Cloud called Cloudette. Sometimes being small can have its advantages. If you’re a little cloud like Cloudette, people call you cute nicknames, and you can always find a good spot to watch the fireworks. But what about when you want to do something big, like help a giant garden grow, or make a brook babble?

Here is a link to this week’s activity sheet and Jenny’s poem about clouds

Monday 8th June – This is the Sun

This week on Story Time Isabella and Kate are talking about the sun and how we all need sunshine to help us grow – just like the plants and flowers. Listen to our story by clicking on the image below

Here you will find a link to our activity sheet and our poem about the sun by Jenny Dodge

Monday 15th June – These are the Shoots

Our seeds have started to grow warmed by the sun and watered by the rain.  Isabella’s garden is filled with flowers to see and plants that will give us fruit and vegetables to eat. Click on the image below to hear the next stage of Isabella’s Garden journey.


Lots of great ideas for activities this week so click here for instructions and here for our lovely poem contributed by Jenny Dodge

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Families together

Tai Chi Qigong Together for Children and Families

Session 3 – 2nd July

This week’s session is especially for children and families (although anyone can join in).  During these stressful times Tai Chi provides a welcome and relaxing break that helps with strength, flexibility and mental well-being.  Take time out, gather your friends together and do it in your home, your garden or the local park.

Tai Chi Qiong for Children and Families

The health benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet are well documented but this form of exercise that is proven and endorsed by our own NHS




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Tai Chi Qigong Together

Session 2 – 25th June

In the the second of our series of Tai Chi Together virtual sessions. Julia Mitchell takes us through a range of smooth, controlled movements that help to relax the mind and exercise the body.  These exercises can be done by anyone of any age and any ability.  You can do Tai Chi standing, sitting or a  combination of both.  We hope that you enjoy our Tai Chi Together sessions and look forward to seeing you at Hill Close Gardens when we start face to face Tai Chi Together in the Autumn.

To watch session 2 from 25th June click on the image below

Please note that you take part in this activity purely at your own risk


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Tai Chi Qigong Together

Session 1 – 18th June

We are delighted to announce our latest initiative in partnership with Hatton Tai Chi Qigong, that started with our very first virtual session on Thursday 18th June.  Bringing together the peace and tranquillity of Hill Close as a venue with the focus of Tai Chi as an holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing and meditation that will support improvements in health, spirituality, and general well-being. Click here for more information.

Here is the first weeks session from 18th June, so, take a nice deep breath and enjoy the tranquil and relaxing place that Tai Chi will take you to. Click on the image below below to watch the first one in our series


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Grow and Explore Drop in

Where young children are introduced to playing and learning outdoors including activities such as exploring the Children’s Garden and the other plots, being creative through natural arts and crafts. Families will enjoy digging and planting, water play and for some, most importantly, jumping in muddy puddles is the best fun you can have so wellies and waterproofs are always required!

Second Thursday of each month 9.30 to 11am – subject to re-opening

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Family Workshops

We hold special events throughout the year like the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Bug Hunts, Apple Day, Christmas Workshops and many more.

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Education and Learning

Our work with primary schools, nurseries, pre-schools and Children’s Centres

We design education programmes and activities for pre-school, nurseries and primary aged children, tailor made to meet your curriculum requirements. We cover the changing seasons, new life in the gardens, pollination, shapes and numbers in nature, how things grow, to name but a few. Call or email us now to discuss your requirements and find out more


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Children’s Garden

Children’s Garden

Throughout the year children can experience the changing seasons and, through planned activities, learning about life in the gardens. There can be no better experience than getting down on the ground, feeling the soil and leaves, digging for worms and harvesting the crops the children have planted.

Come and meet Joe the Scarecrow who looks after our Children’s Garden where parents and carers can be fully involved with their children in a range of fun activities. We always make sure that the bird feeders are always full for all our feathered friends who visit our garden

NEWS…We have just been awarded a grant from Warwick District Council to develop a sensory area in the gardens – watch this space ….

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National Childrens Gardening Week

National Childrens Gardening Week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for children and is held every year. Parents, grandparents and children can find ideas here for fun garden projects for year round activities on this website.

Make a hedgehog feeder for your garden or school – to find out how just click on this link



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