Feed hedgehogs in your own DIY Cafe

11th November 2020

Hedgehogs are small creatures with big appetites!

Feed the hungry hogs in your garden to help them build the energy they need when raising hoglets, and their fat reserves for their long winter hibernation.

With the UK population of hedgehogs declining alarmingly, it’s vital that we give our prickly friends a home in our gardens.

One way to do this is to build a feeding station in your garden with lots of hedgehog-friendly food and water!

You won’t get any takers in winter when all your hogs are fast asleep, but you can start your feeding at any other season if there are hogs around.

You can buy specialist Hedgehog food from the RSPB.

You can track your progress by creating your own easy to follow personal plan to help you give nature a home where you live.