Chrysanthemum ‘Aline’

Semi-double peach flowers from August-September.

Height: 60cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Anne Ratsey’

Single pale yellow flowers from September-November.

Height: 90cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Belle’

Single bright red flowers with a yellow centre from August-September.

Height: 56cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Breitner’s Supreme’

Single white flowers from October-November.

Height: 75cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Bretforton Road’

Semi-double purple flowers from October-November.

Height: 70cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Bronze Elite’

Single bronze flowers from September-October.

Height: 100cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Dulwich Pink’

Single pink flowers on a bushy, many branched plant from September-October.

Height: 60cm

Chrysanthemum ‘E.H. Wilson’

Small delicate white single flowers from October-November. A very old variety.

Height: 80cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Emperor of China’

Double silvery pink flower heads with quilled petals from October – November. Leaves take on a red tinge.

Height: 120cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Goldengreenheart’

Small single golden flowers with green centres from October- November. AGM (Award of Garden Merit).

Height: 110cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Mavis’

Pink pompon flowers from late August-September. AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

Height: 66cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Mei-Kyo’

Mauve double flowers from September-October. AGM (Award of Garden Merit).

Height: 50cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Mrs Jessie Cooper No1’

Single carmine flowers from October-November. Vigorous growth.

Height: 80cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Paul Boissier’

Double orange-brown flowers, open to green centres from September-November.

Height: 80cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Perry’s Peach’

Honey scented single soft apricot flowers from September-October. AGM (Award of Garden Merit).

Height: 75cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Richard’s Yellow’

Semi-double golden yellow flowers from October-November.

Height: 120cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Romantica’

Small pale pink double flowers from September-October.

Height: 80cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Rose Madder’

Scented single soft rose flowers from October-November.

Height: 90cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Ruby Mound’

Deep red double flowers in October. AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

Height: 50cm

Chrysanthemum ‘Suffolk Pink’

Single magenta pink flowers from October-November

Height: 100cm

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