Our Sustainability

As a response to the climate emergency, we aim to be an exemplar for as many issues as possible relating to sustainable technologies.

We are keen to share our experience. There is much more information on the touchscreens in the Centre. Also, do contact us with any questions. We will try to help, subject only to volunteer availability.

Our Visitor Centre needs less energy to stay comfortable throughout the year. The walls are insulated with shredded newspaper, and the living roof is cool in summer, warm in winter.

Heat is supplied by a heat pump, about four times more efficient than a standard boiler. It extracts heat from the ground and converts that into hot water for the underfloor heating.

Also on the roof are photovoltaic panels, giving us around 4kW of electricity when the sun shines.  

Our wind turbine is an example of a technology which did not prove worthwhile.