In our new Visitors’ Room – now called the Bleasdale Room after our Founder Chairman, Professor John Bleasdale – you will find touchscreens which give you easy access to a wealth of material. You can also explore our mini-museums in some of the summerhouses, and in season enjoy the sight and smell of the plants themselves, together with any luscious produce which may be on sale.

Our Heritage

See all the details of our garden tools and machinery, and their history. The Trust is very grateful to Mike Sheldon for assembling and curating this remarkable and wide-ranging collection. We have an extensive library of horticultural books, some dating back to the 18th century. Under development is a display of Victorian herbal medicine to accompany a new display of herbs being planted in Plot 12.

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Our History

Learn more about the history of Detached Gardens elsewhere, and see how our own story fits in with that of bygone Warwick.

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Our Horticulture

We are particularly proud of our snowdrops, chrysanthemums, sempervivums and of course apples. Check out our nursery and see what plants you would like to buy.

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Our Sustainability

Less obvious, but fascinating to discover, are the ways in which we save energy and water, create a biodiverse habitat, and make and use compost.

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