Story 11 – These are the Bugs in Isabella’s Garden

13th July 2020

This week we join Isabella on her garden journey again. We will be hearing about the bugs that live there. We will be making a spider and a bug this week and you can find out how here

Insects are super important say all of the children we asked. If all of the insects in our world were to disappear it our ecosystems would crumble.

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Shiny beetle on the wall
Has six legs to help him crawl.

Beetle’s eyes are small and beady,
And his mouth is very greedy.

When he finds a leaf to chew,
Beetle bites a hole right through.

Two antennae on his head
Help him feel his way to bed.

Here’s a hole that’s dark and snug.
Squeeze inside it, sleepy bug!

by Jenny Dodge July 2020
[download the poem here]