Story Time

Seasonal stories from the gardens

As we move into a new season, the gardens are full of the noises of Spring. Unfortunately it’s not the sound of children’s voices we hear ringing out, but the sounds of the birds is still wonderful to hear. Until we can welcome you back, which we hope won’t be too long, we can still

Story 1 – This is the Soil

This week we explored the soil and how to plant our seeds. Isabella is helping us to make our own plant pots from cardboard rolls. Download Isabella’s activity sheet here Our song this week ‘Wriggle, wriggle little Worm’ can be sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – here are the words Click

Story 2 – These are the Seeds

All sorts of seeds The Tiny Seed Growing garden This week we have found some seeds to plant in the plant pots we made last week and our story is the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. Here is a link to this weeks poem by Jenny Dodge and to our Activity sheet here You can watch Part 1

Story 3 – This is the Rain

This week we are talking about the rain and our featured book is The First Book of Nature by Nicola Davis. Incy Wincy Spider has been climbing up the spout and we have added a colouring sheet here And we will hear all about the Rain in Jenny’s Poem that you can read too The rainstick is a traditional instrument

Story 4 – These are the Clouds

Listen to our story from today with Kate by clicking on the photo below Cloudette and Isabella’s Garden Did you know … Clouds are white because they reflect light from the sun. Grey clouds become so filled with water that they don’t reflect light. Masses of clouds form shadows, which can also cause the clouds

Story 5 – This is the Sun

This week on Story Time Isabella and Kate are talking about the sun and how we all need sunshine to help us grow – just like the plants and flowers. Listen to our story by clicking on the image below Donate to Hill Close Gardens Here you will find a link to our activity sheet and our

Story 6 – These are the Shoots

Our seeds have started to grow warmed by the sun and watered by the rain.  Isabella’s garden is filled with flowers to see and plants that will give us fruit and vegetables to eat. Click on the image below to hear the next stage of Isabella’s Garden journey. Donate to Hill Close Gardens Lots of

Story 7 – These are the Flowers

In Isabella’s Garden this week we are looking at flowers. Click on the image below to hear Kate’s StoryTree tell  you about our latest adventure from Isabella Donate to Hill Close Gardens IN THE GARDEN GROWS A PLANT by Jenny Dodge In the garden grows a plant.  Its leaves and buds are green as green,

Story 8 – This is the Chick in Isabella’s Garden

Hurray, Hurray. Rosie the hen has laid as egg and at last her egg is hatching. But no, oh no! Where is little baby chick … find out more by listening to Kates Story Tree and Isabella by clicking on the image below This week we are making a chick and her mummy and you

Story 9 – This is the Tree in Isabella’s Garden

This is the Tree in Isabella’s Garden I planted, planted, planted. And at first nothing changed… but slowly, slowly shoots of green began to show – trees! Here. There. Everywhere.  People came onto the streets to see. They touched the leaves in wonder. They talked and they laughed. Click on the photo to hear Kate