Story 9 – This is the Tree in Isabella’s Garden

13th July 2020

This is the Tree in Isabella’s Garden

I planted, planted, planted. And at first nothing changed… but slowly, slowly shoots of green began to show – trees! Here. There. Everywhere.  People came onto the streets to see. They touched the leaves in wonder. They talked and they laughed.

Click on the photo to hear Kate reading The Promise by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Laura Davies

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This is the Tree – click to watch

This week we are making own tree with Isabella and Kate. Do you want to join in with us and make your own tree. Click on the photo above to listen along with Kate as she tells you how to grow your tree in a picture. Click here to find out what you will need before you start.

Look at the photos below – can you tell which one is Isabella’s tree?

You are the most enormous tree!

You take up far more space than me.

Your trunk is tall and thick and round,

Your roots spread wide beneath the ground.

See the tree and all who live in it