Children’s Garden Blog

13th July 2021

Blog from the Children’s Garden July 2021

At the end of our Drop In session last Thursday, we all turned to each other and grinned like Cheshire cats. The children were back in the garden!

They had been digging, watering and laughing and the sound of them enjoying being outside filled the air. Our resident blackbirds seemed to be feeling the same, sitting in the branches singing their welcome then flying in and out to snatch the worms that had wiggled their way out as the children dug their holes. Watering cans were filled, plants watered and the new Mud Kitchen was literally awash with mud pies and cakes. At least two children decided it was much more fun and infinitely more practical to dispense with their shoes and let the mud squelch between their toes. How wonderful it was to see the ‘mock horror’ on the faces of the parents and grandparents as the mud splattered the children’s clothes and faces, and the subsequent laughter as the garden hose and watering cans came out to wash off as much of the soil as possible.

Thanks to Chris from the Gardening Team, our willow tunnel has had its annual haircut and the branches inside neatly woven to form a secret entrance to the gardens, only accessible to little people and very small grownups. How much fun is it to run through the tunnel, time after time, the children shrieking as they emerged to parents who feigned surprise?

Our jobs for the summer? Erect our new sheds and choose a new wardrobe for Joe our scarecrow, who is certainly looking a bit bedraggled and definitely in need of a makeover.