Autumn Blog, Plot 9

Autumn. Early mornings in the gardens are misty damp and the air still. The plants and bushes are laced with webs of spider silk and the grass glistens with dewdrops.The weather is mild and still warm for October and the Asters have are magnificent due to the dry and sunny weather. Too much rain and

Children’s Garden Blog

Blog from the Children’s Garden July 2021 At the end of our Drop In session last Thursday, we all turned to each other and grinned like Cheshire cats. The children were back in the garden! They had been digging, watering and laughing and the sound of them enjoying being outside filled the air. Our resident

Plot 9 Blog (June ’21)

Today I picked my first Sweet Pea, one called ‘Darcy Bussel’ a pale lilac /pink and I notice the first of the broad beans growing as I checked for black-fly on the growing tips. The beans planted in October last winter looked a sorry sight but are now 4ft high and full of tiny beans.May